What parts of Category Design have you completed?


How many Customer Discovery interviews have you completed?
How well do you know the most effective way to reach prospects (i.e. potential customers who don’t yet know about your company or product)
How many Proof of Concepts (PoCs) do you have running?
How many paying Customers do you have? (business)
What is your attrition rate over the trailing twelve months (TTM)?
On average, for your paying customers, how many months will it take you to recover the cost of acquiring that customer?


How much revenue have you generated so far?
What was your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) last month?
What is your month-over-month (MoM) growth rate of your MRR in the past 3 months?


How far along are you in developing your product?
How many "offers" (eg., products or SaaS tiers) do you currently offer your customers?
Number of potential use cases (i.e a different industry or ICP) for your product?
How much will your customer benefit from using your product?
How do most customers solve the problem that your product solves today?
Do you have a 2-sided marketplace? (two different customers)


How many startups have you or your co-founders *founded* before you started this company?
Of the companies you or your co-founders founded, how many have had positive exits?
How many years of experience have you had managing people?
Among you and your co-founders, do you have one person who is a "hacker" (technical) and one that is a "hustler" (business)?
What is the size of your team?


How mature is your sales contracting process?
How frequently do you close the books and review financial information?
How do you handle onboarding new employees?
How do you primarily stay in touch with customers and ensure they are engaged?
How do you currently handle customers' challenges?
What businesss information is available to drive business decisions?


What's the status of your Investor Pitch?


When are you planning on raising your next round of capital?
At your current rate, when will you run out of money?
How much money have you raised thus far?
How much investment do you have soft-circled for your next round?


What is your primary method of getting your current Product to market? (business)


What "form" of business are you currently operating?